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(Ab)Use of the C-word (cloud)

Friday, May 15th, 2009

The more cloud architectures gather buzz, the more I am seeing all sorts of misuse of the c-word. From describing grid computing to confusing it with SaaS, people seem to see clouds everywhere, even in the clearest of skies!

The “Palme d’Or” should probably be given to a business acquaintance who’s been able to use the word 3 times in the same 5mns presentation for 3 different meanings:

  • the Spring cloud === the Spring context
  • the ActiveMQ cloud === the ActiveMQ management of queues
  • the VM cloud === the in-memory execution of a process

You’ve got to love them clouds!

I wonder, even as I am myself piloting in the storm, how long it will be before I get really tired of the c-word!

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How not to present

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I am a fan of Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen for delivering good presentations to audiences, and I wish more people were, but this piece from McSweeney’s blog pretty much sums up any corporate presentation I have seen this far… in style!

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Agile? Of course we are agile!

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

It seems that all companies these days are all doing “agile”. Here’s a pot-pourri collected recently from a few interviews and personnal experiences…

Of course we are agile…

  • we are doing pair programming; that is, as long as each of the programmers work on their own computer… you know we wouldn’t want you to look like you’re doing nothing
  • we are doing stand-up meetings… around the coffee machine… before the real meetings!
  • we write user stories; well, we don’t really have the time to write them, so we’ll just use the title in a big MS Project document and talk to you about what you should be doing
  • we use dynamic languages: Javascript, Flash…
  • look, we must be agile, we are even using open source libraries; as a matter of fact, we use as many open source libraries as possible to show that we are willing to leverage as much existing code as possible - we even have our own architect who tells you which library you will use!
  • Sometimes, I wish they would proudly say “Agile? Nay, we do waterfall here!“, at least it would be honest… :)

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Cartoonesque ProgressBar

Friday, August 10th, 2007

I second Romain Guy when he says that Progress Bars are boring: let’s part with this idea that a progress bar has to be a simple long rectangle that is half full or half empty… I am sure that we can find better paradigms, best suited for each case:

  • copy of a bunch of files: have a decreasing stack of files on the left and an increasing one on the right
  • CD burning: have a CD on fire that becomes just a pile of ashes when finished

Here’s my weak attempt at creating a Cartoon-like Progress Bar (you will need Java installed to run that), but it probably took me more time to configure the JNLP than to actually create the animation…


By the way, I greatly recommend Romain’s book Filthy Rich Clients that I have added to my Safari bookshelf and that I think I should finish to read, if you consider my attempt at animating Swing… :)

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The ultimate developer

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Seen here: How IT recruitment works. Someone’s looking for a developer with the following specification…

“…urgent requirement for a developer who
specialises in the following:

SQL Server 2005
Flash/ActionScript 2.0
Web Services
VB 6.0
MS Excel/VBA

Ideally French-speaking, but not essential.”

I’m in! But I charge £4000 a day and I need to be able to do 80% of the work from home…

hey guys… down there we call that a team !

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