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Agile? Of course we are agile!

It seems that all companies these days are all doing “agile”. Here’s a pot-pourri collected recently from a few interviews and personnal experiences…

Of course we are agile…

  • we are doing pair programming; that is, as long as each of the programmers work on their own computer… you know we wouldn’t want you to look like you’re doing nothing
  • we are doing stand-up meetings… around the coffee machine… before the real meetings!
  • we write user stories; well, we don’t really have the time to write them, so we’ll just use the title in a big MS Project document and talk to you about what you should be doing
  • we use dynamic languages: Javascript, Flash…
  • look, we must be agile, we are even using open source libraries; as a matter of fact, we use as many open source libraries as possible to show that we are willing to leverage as much existing code as possible - we even have our own architect who tells you which library you will use!
  • Sometimes, I wish they would proudly say “Agile? Nay, we do waterfall here!“, at least it would be honest… :)

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