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The agile enterprise at its best

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

I am just coming back from Rome where I spent the past week walking through town as a tourist. No doubt the city is wonderful and its people are very kind, but that’s not the subject…

Should you walk in the streets of Rome, you would be amazed by the number of illicit street vendors that offer every possible brand of fake bags (even some with the logo that didn’t match the copy), fake watches (how many 10€ Rolex have I seen?), fake silver bracelets and other piles of rubbish that every young visitor is keen to bargain for!

An event happened that made me think: when it rains, their business changes; they all suddenly sell umbrellas!

At the first drop of water from the skies, they all pack their bags and jewellery in a very efficient manner developed for running away from police (just grab the four ends of the sheet your stuff lies on, and stand up), and they rush in the streets with handfuls of umbrellas, quickly offering them to office workers, students and tourists altogether.

They may have only 5 minutes of rain, but they always sell loads of umbrellas! Although I don’t know at which price they’re selling them, I am sure they make good profits each time.

And then when the rain stops, they’re back to the pavement. Now that I am writing this, it dawns on me that they probably switch to selling fresh bottles of water in the hottest days of the year…

If that’s not agile, what is?

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